As with all programs where you are not being coached one to one by a coach, please make sure you are performing the exercise correctly with good posture and technique. The repetitions stated are guidelines and can be increased / decreased depending on form as can the weight used. Intensity is prescribed by RPE in these programs from a 1 (easiest) to a 10 (hardest can’t do any more repetitions), further information on this and other training principles will be covered so follow SFB on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates!


Thoracic movement/mobility drills

Triathlon S&C example program

An example S&C program for Triathlon, focusing on the main movements and exercises which can keep you strong on the Swim, Bike and Run and also keep you injury free. The intensity increases over the 3 week block as you get stronger. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


Level 1 plyometric exercises for runners / triathletes

A great mini circuit that can be used after the warm up in the above program


Stronger Fitter Better Strength Standards

A simple progression of some strength exercises and loads/reps used. How do you measure up?!